Baby Girl Dress Shoes

When it comes to your baby girl’s very First Christmas here are a few tips to think about to make her outfit extra special! First…..a headband! Every baby girl needs to wear a headband or bow, it just makes the dress pop out a bit plus it keeps her hair out of her face so […]

Post image for How a Smile Can Affect Mood

The Therapy of a Smile: A look into how a smile can affect mood, CONFIDENCE and the perception of others, highlighting stories of AlignerMeter patients who before they received their Invisalign were uncomfortable or insecure about smiling, causing them to be perceived as unhappy Your smile isn’t just a facial expression; it has the power […]

Post image for Fantastic After School Activity Planning

When there’s so much choice our there for activities after school it can become a frustration to plan effectively to meet both parent and child needs. For modern parents there’s a growing checklist of activity requirements including: 1. Cost involved (we all like to be frugal where possible) 2. Value provided (we all prefer the […]

Post image for Fall Fun with Totspot

Our friends at Totspot love Fall – warm salted caramel lattes, falling leaves, the change of colors, fun at the pumpkin patch with the kids and, of course, the fashion. That’s why they’re excited to announce the 2014 Fall Fun Photo Contest on Instagram! If you haven’t heard of Totspot (, it is a mobile […]

Post image for Best Baby Monitor Helps New Parents Sleep

The Mimo Smart Infant Monitor is designed for today’s new parents. It connects with your smart devices, it’s accessible from anywhere in the world, it’s shareable, it’s interactable, it’s safe for your baby, and it’s easy to use. Made with love in New England, the Mimo gives peace of mind to parents who seek insight […]

Post image for Super Stylish and Smart Designer Diaper Bags

You’ll be the envy of all mamas wearing your exclusive, Hannah Pastel Designer Diaper Bags. It’s made from vegan faux leather (PVC free) and features our custom hardware in an antique brass finish. Hannah comes with many functional and fashionable accessories and features: A cross body, adjustable detachable strap so you can wear it hands free […]

Post image for 4 Steps to Take Before Buying The Best Double Stroller

If you are a parent of two young kids, finding the best double stroller for toddlers and infants might seem to be a tough task to do; but, when you know what features to look for, and what is going to give you the best safety, support, and ease of mobility, you will eventually find the […]

Post image for The Importance Of Children Being Able To Swim

When our children are small we can try and protect them from as many things as possible because they cant protect themselves. However, in the pool or any body of water this can be different. While it takes some time and dedication, knowing how to swim can be life saving. This is so especially now […]

Post image for New Child Tracking Device… Just $5

Most parents and guardians has had this experience at least once. You are out at the mall or any crowded place, you turn away from your child for just 1 second, you look back, and they are no longer there. It happens so quick and it can happen anytime. You need to keep your eyes […]

Post image for Fun Recipe & Coloring Book… and it’s free!

American Children’s Cancer Association (ACCA) is offering a free, fun recipe & coloring book, for parents and kids, available for download from their website. The very healthy, delicious and easy recipes feature veggies & fruits that have been shown, through studies possibly help in cancer prevention. Kids will have fun with the lively fruit and […]